what is the best way to mount a FLIP video device?

anyone have any tips on how to mount a FLIP video device on a bicycle?
how about on a helmet mount?
anything on the market?
any DIY tips?

I got an email from THE CYCLING DUDE on the topic
and well... I did not have a good answer

I have considered getting one of these devices for the same purpose myself
anyone have any suggestions?


Ultra Flip at Amazon


GhostRider said...

The very best way I've found to mount a Flip is to use a Pedco Ultraclamp:


It can go on the handlebar, rear rack or pretty much anywhere else you want to clamp it. Once everything is tightened down, the mount is ROCK SOLID...and the clampy bits are either rubber or vinyl-coated so they don't scratch and provide a bit of vibration damping.

I've shot videos from the handlebars of two different bikes, the back deck of my Xtracycle, the fork of my road bike and a few other spots with no problems...even over some really rough roads.

I haven't figured out a good way to mount a Flip to a helmet yet, though...the included velcro mount is junk.

Christian Leask said...

Yep, don't get a flip, get a Hero camera...it's made just for it.

Ben said...

here's a cheapy for you: hose clamp with a couple of the little threads cut out and a brass screw inserted in the hole. A piece of innertube for handlebar grip and protection and voilĂ . Mounts with a screwdriver.

Marshall said...

Cut a hole for the lens out of a padded camera bag that I got at BestBuy for $10. Has a large velcro belt loop that I can attach over my Camelback sternum straps for a chest mount. Push record, zip it closed and ride. Images OK, but wo image stabilization, video on rough sections can be very shaky.