breath... that is all I

breath... that is all I can do
no need to relive it
no reason to bring those emotions to the surface again

writing this and rethinking this puts me at risk
it is important that I just breath
breath easy

I was angry
angry then
the anger is now gone


it happens
it happens all the time
sometimes it evokes a stronger emotion than others
or perhaps the timing is such that things fall right out of place

it happened today
someone's driving style put my life at risk
it happened today... it happens all the time

while riding home from work today I had the camera slung around my nexk
it was late because I had worked late
not so late that I needed a light
in fact no so light that I needed a flash

it is not so late in the year that lights are part of the commuter package

when headed up 16th Street at a decent pace...
somewhere between snail and gazelle
at the base of the hill by Malcolm X Park a Metro bus faded towards the curb
right towards me... and if I did not alter my trajectory... right over me
so I changed my pace and drifted to the side, away, and then around
got myself out of harms way
put myself where I was most safe

there was no real emotion
I did not take it as much
business as usual
I passed another cyclist and snapped a shot
maintaining speed I went to pass the Metro bus

the Metro bus was in the right hand lane stopped picking up or more likely dropping off passengers
left lane clear of upcoming car traffic I took the left hand lane
as I went along side of the bus up the hill
it happened again... I could not believe it
it was deja vue all over again
the Metro bus faded into my space
over taking the lane and nearly over taking me

again I had to alter my pace
drift to the side which was the painted stripes down the center of the road then oncoming traffic
if I were to stop?
was there car traffic following close behind?

no chance to take in the other variables
it is like a tornado has picked up a trailer home and hurled it my way
action is imperative
it is vital that I get out of this things way

at the top of the hill along side of Malcolm X Park the bus stopped at the red light
as I passed the bus full of people I looked to see if the faces of the passengers reflected any reaction to the situation in front of them

at the open window of the bus I tried to ask the driver what he was doing
blankly he starred at me
usually the bus drivers are irate and cussing
telling me that they did what they did on purpose
and to just get in front of them so they can show me what they are going to do next

instead the driver starred blankly at me
not a word
no response to my question
no defense for his behavior

blind and deaf?
and definitely dumb

then when I got the camera out he spoke
he tried to dodge the camera

he did not see me
but I saw him

I hope I never see him again
I hope to never seen this picture again
for I fear that his picture would go with the news story about a Metro bus driver and an accident that definitely should not have happened

I am going to breath
I am not going to re-read or proof read

I think I may have tilted the bus driver's mirror during the discussion
no worries... he was not using them... he does not know how to use them


Anonymous said...

"it is not so late in the year that lights are part of the commuter package" Not sure lights shouldn't always be part of the commuter package. I ride to work early enough that I need lights all but 6 weeks in the summer. But since I have the light on my helmet anyway, I always choose to plug it in on the ride home in the afternoon. If I am on the city streets I always use a light and a rear blinking now. Drivers are so distracted these days that any slight advantage I have in getting their attention I will take. And many times a driver who would have pulled out in front of me gives it a second thought when they get 15 watts of halogen in their face.

dcdouglas said...

I gotta agree with Anonymous here, Gwad. Last year, I purchased a 700cc tire bike that upped my on-road top speed. Last summer, I had instance after instance of cars crossing my East Capitol bike commuter route too closely. It was close enough that I needed to slow/stop and at least once swerve to avoid a collision. After I picked up a Planet Bike Blaze front light, I didn't have these problems. You've written many times before about the different strategies of lights (use the to see vs. being seen by others). In this case, take your own advice and slap something bright and blinky on your steed!

danaceau said...

Did you get a bus #? Probably the best way to address the problem.