"look before you leap"

people need to THINK BEFORE THEY ACT

I have ranted on endlessly times before about the concept of AUTO PILOT
it seems that everyone has their trajectory set for WARP SPEED
never realizing that there may be an asteroid belt in their way... or worse yet... a person!

this poor behavior by people exists not only in the car... but everywhere!
people drive their cars with braille dashboards
just as people ride their bikes with their eyelids glued shut
even the pedestrian who lacks crumple resistant side panels or a ANSI SNELL approved helmet moves about the city like a ZOMBIE

how is it that these people can not anticipate the consequences of their actions?
what is more important than the task at hand?
have these people not read the headlines?
do these people not know about the worst case scenario?

in the course of my day I have far too many close calls to recount
the near head on collisions with other cyclists on the Capital Crescent Trail are as numerous as the lane shifting car drivers who never turn their head to check to see if it is clear... never take their eyes off their Blackberry or iPhone to see the world around them
these people and the mid block crossing pedestrians that step out without any thought that there is danger ahead
all these people need to get a clue!

as the population has increased on this congested planet we have done very little to change our behavior
those in control have had a short sighted vision
the wonderful infrastructure that gives us our vast network of roads has enabled our society's misbehavior
giving roads that allow for faster driving
and more roads in an effort to eliminate congestion

even my eight year old asks why they make a car that has the capacity to go so fast when the law does not allow such high speeds

there needs to be a mass awakening
but I am not sure what it will take to shake the people of this world

the growing bicycle population has its clear and present dangers
the new riders trying to mimic the styles of the veterans are putting themselves and others at risk

enough on this
lunch is done
I need to get back to work

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