a different time...

each camp has it elders
every year there is a freshman class
their is a hierarchy
there is a chain of command

there are meeting places and there are watering holes
in the 80's the DC Bicycle Messenger owned Dupont Circle
on a good day a path was set so people could walk through the maze of bicycles
beers in paper bags
not unlikely for a a keg to be hidden in the bushes

suicide... ozone... scrooge... featherhead
theses names along with so many others
a clash of cultures
an overlap of cultures

the dc hardcores hanging in the park
the dc messengers hanging in the park
the dc hardcore messengers

xeroxed flyers pasted on telephone poles and construction sites
some messages over the work radio
a one way text message on the beeper
or better yet word of mouth in the park

Scooter Trash is playing at DC Space... it is gonna be a party!
it is gonna be a party before during and after the show

photo of Suicide hanging out...
photo not by me
photo stolen off FACEBOOK

too bad I was not obsessed with photo documentation of the culture in front of my eyes back then

I should try to credit the photographers
if they had an easy link I would throw it here

Suicides BBQ Page

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Anonymous said...

Back in the day!...nice