I am not the biggest fan of the electric bicycle... or any sort of electronic assist for that matter


but... I am sure that these things have their place
anything would be better than our current car culture

something like this could revolutionize pubic transport
the DC Metro Stations involve walking... buses... bus transfers etc
something like this could allow people to go from their house to the Metro... to the office
and then back again!


John Garrish said...


gwadzilla said...

trying to make me angry!??!?!

John Garrish said...

what you don't like segways? what is not to like? an overengineered, multi-thousand dollar contrapion that looks funny to ride and isn't durable in the least? i've never understood why that guy designed that thing. the answer he is looking for is a BIKE.

this thing appears to be about the same. i don't know why they didn't put the handlebars in front. what an awkward riding position.