inappropriate behavior... it is not just on the side of the cars and buses... it is not just on the street

The Chaos on the Capital Crescent Trail

my post work rides are often on the bike paths that meander about the city
either the Mount Vernon Trail or The Capital Crescent Trail
the multi use trails are complete chaos!

just as the cars, trucks, and buses bully all others on the road so that they can maintain momentum and get to their destination without having to touch the brakes
so is the way of the bicycle on the multi-use trail
and this is not the way that it needs to be
this is not the way it should be

it is shocking...
it boggles my mind that the cyclist is really no different than the car driver
in fact... so many of these cyclist are really just car drivers on bikes
with the growing number of cyclist there are newbies trying to fit into the chaos
just creating greater danger with elevated risks and increased chaos

the bully behavior that I witness on the Capital Crescent Trail disgusts me

sure... I ride fast and hard on the bike path... not race pace... but hard
yet... I try to anticipate any and all scenarios

I slow and give space to other trail users... no I do not slow to a stop... but I do break pace and bring things down a tad... at least I stop pedaling with my eyes on those around me with my fingers on the brake levers

always granting more room to small children who can be unpredictable as well as old people who deserve some space/respect
it is about common courtesy and basic respect
giving the respect to others that we would ask of others

I try to express both common sense and common courtesy... all while trying to get a workout
as fast as I may appear to be going... unlike so many other riders... I am always anticipating the "worst case scenario"
I am a dog lover and a parent... so I understand the risks of passing dogs and children
I also understand the protective nature of those with dogs and children

so often I see these pace lines on the bike path... why?

be a man and take it to the street
the bike path is no place for a bike race

the bike path is just like the road

there are rules and there is order

well... there are rules and there should be order
many of these cyclists should be on MacArthur Boulevard or in Rock Creek Park

there is no place for this "drafting" on the multi-use trail

just as in car racing... it is "drafting" when in the race
while not on the race course... this unsafe action is called TAILGATING!

so many of the trail users are going fast and hard and feel that they are permitted to pass other trial users without breaking pace
everyone should slow and respect each other
again... I like to go fast... but I do bring it down a bit when I approach other trail users

then in the high volume areas... I really bring it down...
while so many others maintain their quest to be KING OF THE CAPITAL CRESCENT TRAIL!


the crown of the King of the Capital Crescent Trail is a dunce cap!

bring it down

slow it down

the trip from Georgetown to Bethesda on the Capital Crescent Trail is an option to the various car occupied routes

if people are going to race around they should take it to Wisconsin Avenue or one of the other major arteries
even with the stop and go from the RED LIGHTS it is faster to take Reno-Conn. Ave.-or Wiscon Ave to B-Town

I am not saying that people need to go 15 MPH
but... they should take off their headphones and give other people some respect

be safe
be smart
be courteous
be civilized

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Marc said...

"the crown of the King of the Capital Crescent Trail is a dunce cap!"


I agree- the CCT is no place for a 'paceline'.