nice to get in a post work ride...

wanted to glance at this
a week has passed and I see it never made the page
guess I will PUBLISH AND POST and leave it there

the seasons are definitely changing

the commute is starting will start to get more mental attention and actual preparation
I have already been caught with nothing more than a blinking light
perhaps it is time to start packing a a charged light in the morning

tonight I got out early enough that it was still light for a few hours
so I was able to get an hour fifteen on the bike before walking the dog for a short loop in the woods when I got home
all without the assistance of any light
I had a wind up flashlight in my back pocket but did not need it
and the ride did not call for a single flashing light

got out of work pretty much right on time
did not stall getting out of the stall
jumped out of my business casual and into my old black and red DCMTB kit
already hydrated and a tad caffeinated I was ready to ride

out into traffic and then right onto the sidewalk that is the path crossing Key Bridge into Rosslyn
threading traffic all the while trying to be fast smooth and unoffensive I play the bicycle version of frogger all the way until I get across to the Virginia side
of course there is a car in the crosswalk on the merging ramp
there is always a car in the crosswalk at that merging ramp

onto the Mount Vernon trail for a quick out and back
just past what I still call National Airport and across the first marsh boardwalk that feeds into the split just before Old Town Alexandria
usually I turn on the grass just shortly past the marina parking lot
but on this day I went onto the wooden board walk before making my turn around

it was all very uneventful
the bike and body were feeling okay
there was some drag in my rear hub which covered up for the drag that existed in my legs
still a little tired from Sunday
still a little tired from life

yet I managed to move at a good clip out and back
just early enough that I did not get caught up in too much of the race that is for the top dog on the bike path
on the back I rolled head on... almost literally a few people racing like fools on the multi use trail

it is cool to go for it
but chill lax a pedal when zipping around grandma or that pregnant jogger

I know... my behavior on the bike can be a tad too fast and a tad too close for some of the people that I pass
I try to pass safely...
when I am making a pass that looks like I am coming head on
I let it be known with eye contact and often a wave of the hand that I know I am coming at you and I got it all covered
of course while giving a gentle on your left
that utterance is at a conversational tone right to the right side of the shoulder as I am making a pass

for the most part with my creaky bike, my jiggling keys, and my heavy breathing... if a person is paying half attention to the world around them they should hear/feel me coming

out and back never really wishing that the camera was around my neck instead of in my bag
this was a ride of moderate intensity

on this ride out and back I tried to take advantage of the occassional cyclocross like options
the beaten dirt path or even the packed grass
this caused a leap in intensity to maintain the same speed with greater resitence
and of course... some of these paths had me passing people on the path while I am on the right
it can spook people... I get it... it may spook me...
I try to be respectful... even if I am doing what may appear to be illogical
at times it is logical and often it is the most fun

we are all out there trying to get ours
I try to get mine... but not at the expense of others
there are logical rules... pretty much the same rules that would be logical in a car
thoughts of safe passes with safe sight lines
brakeing distances and quick thinking alternate exits

some people are just pedaling along as blindly as so many people are driving around

what was I saying?
I can not play SCRABBLE and BLOG at the same time
especially when I need to put my feet up and finish this glass of red wine

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