a few weeks back I got an email in the INBOX
it was from someone at POM Wonderful asking if I would like to try their product
I snickered... "try?"
sure... I will "try" your product

the reality is I am already a fan of the POM Wonderful product
so "trying" this pomegranate beverage was really just a way to get the HOOK UP!

I am not sure... but I think they mistakenly sent me two boxes...
which works out great because the rest of the family wanted to "try" the POM Wonderful product as well

I will review the scientific write up later
until then I will just enjoy the unique pomegranate flavor in the equally unusual figure eight shaped bottle
ah... tasty and good for me!

good stuff...
if you have not tried it... "TRY IT!"
it is good... and apparently good for you
we can all use anti-oxidants!

and of course... they have a blog
check out the Garmin Slipstream Team taking a break to enjoy some POM WONDERFUL!

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