Joe Wilson yells out, "YOU LIE!"
well... this may put you under the microscope



Anonymous said...

He speaks the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

You have to approve your comments sounds about right for a liberal.

gwadzilla said...

at least my opinion is not anonymous.

which sounds about right for a man.

Anonymous said...

"for a man"


Btw, All Dems boo'ed Bush once. So no big deal here when Obama lies and someone shouts from roof top.

He first lied about Air Force One NYC-gate. "We will perform an internal investigation". Lie.

He lied about John Deer Tractors, "they will start hiring". Lie.

It goes on and on. How about when he was asked about key components of health care plan? "I'm not familiar with that" primary and key" component of the health care plan. Lie.

I wouldn't be able to work as him or on his team with a straight face. I'd be laughing my ass off.

Like when he laughed and that journalist asked are you "Punch Drunk?"

He said it's "gallows humor". That's right we the peeps are in the gallows. That was not a lie.

Some people don't understand how some ideologues can want power. That is a misfortune for both camps, the power seekers and the ignorant.

What about Hondorus and Zelaya's power grab play? O, I'm sorry Michael Jackson died.