and the blog is called LANCE ARMSTRONG DOPED

this site is not suitable for work (NSFW)
in fact... telling your wife it is a bicycle blog will not fly
but... if you have a minute
the rants and tangents may entertain you
if not... the photos will

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Jerry said...

I understand all the good that Lance has done raising money for Cancer research and building interest in cycling.

But we teach our kids to do the right thing, to play fair and to tell the unadulterated truth.

Seems like Lance, ever the politician, will take his secret with him to his grave.

That is unless some additional "even more credible" sources are forced to turn "state's evidence" and show the films they must surely have taken for their own protection.

It may be time for the Livestrong Foundation, a very good cause that has done nothing but good, to ditch the yellow wristbands, distance themselves from Lance and find a new spokesperson so they don't become a victim of the fallout from the founder's improprieties.

People who are disappointed in Lance have got to go see the LanceLied.com site for a funny slap on the wrist.