Are Cyclists Invisible?

Cyclist Killed in Southern Maryland...

Hit From Behind?
the driver did not see him?
explain this to me... the driver's focus should be on the road in front of them
the cyclist was on the road in front of her
in the Washington Post

I went to college down there...
I never liked these terms... as amusing as they may be
here are two terms that people used to define the local population

SMURF: Southern Maryland Under-educated Retarded F_ck
SMIB: Southern Maryland InBred

sorry... I am angry

I got rear ended one time on a road that was well lit with an assortment of blinking lights when I was in the center of the right hand lane on a road that was three lanes wide

the women hit me square to the back wheel
this sent me flying forward luckily I did not go down
I was so angry I could not cuss
I walked back to the driver to share a word with her
she was frozen in place with a streak of lip stick on her cheek
lip stick applicator in hand

she said "sorry"
I huffed and puffed and went on my way
no to much as a cuss word
it was too close a call to degrade the situation

how can someone rear end a cyclist?
this is one of the reasons I take myself a little to the left of the right hand side of the road
so I am obviously seen...
so I do not get "clipped" by someone trying to sneak past
if they are going to go around me... they have to consciously go around me


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Mon ami,

I have been told by my retard colleagues that work at this institution with me that--if a bicyclist is not in the bike lane, they are breaking the law--bikes are not allowed on any road without a bike lane (hence they get what they deserve if they are hit by a car) They are of course totally wrong. This was at an informal gathering of employees--my friends had to keep me from a fist fight I was so f_cking angry. These were well-educated affuent professional people that thought this way. The lack of respect and indifference to other people is sickening...

Anonymous said...

Yes, apparently.