an article about ebikes in the NY Times... can we call them MOPEDS

an article in the NY TIMES about eBikes
why eBike?
can we call them ELECTRIC MOPEDS?

I think that if people put air in the tires and lube on the chain
they could ride their bikes around as elder adults
for the price they are paying for this crap... they could get a scooter or a motorcycle
the main issue... the idiots and assholes on "so called" ebikes behave as if they are on a bicycle
doing much of what people do on bikes

the people on eBikes should think more like a car or a motorcycle
keep to the streets
stay off the sidewalks and definitely off the paths that prohibit motorized vehicles

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riderx said...

eBikes are almost as bad as Segways.

I think you got it right: electric mopeds.

Word verification = mocker. HaHaHa!!!