with the growing bicycle population there may be a market to make something like this happen...

on NPR we all enjoy the antics of Click and Clack on CARTALK
even if we are not into cars... there are many of us that find entertainment in the banter of Click and Clack
wouldn't be great to have a radio show with a similar Q&A that dealt with the topic of bikes rather than cars?

wouldn't be great if there was a show called BIKE TALK!

there could be two main players then they could invite guests
some of the guests could be part of an interview session
then some of the guests could help field the caller's questions

people could call in and ask the basic questions...
"I am looking for a bike..."
"my bike got stolen... where do you think it is"
"what sort of bike is best for..."

then there would be the interesting discussions about the mechanics of the bicycle
"when riding up hill I hear a grinding noise..."
"my chain skips when I..."
"what is the basic maintenance that I..."

with the change of seasons there could be a discussion of proper gear
guest could be brought in for discussions from each side of the fence
a retro geek can take the stance of wool versus the racer and their modern age fabrics
things could get Jerry Springer ugly by having Jeff and Brad of Urban Velo on the set along side of Maurice of Dirt Rag
it could go in all sorts of directions

there could be a Martha Stewart style segment where people are shown crafty bicycle customizations
ways to make things that work work better
ways to make things happen on the cheap

it would be totally awesome!
it would be totally cool if this happened
I can not make it happen
I can hardly make my own things happen


Jeff said...

Apparently you don't listen to your own neighborhood's radio station.


gwadzilla said...

apparently not...

thanks for the tip

riderx said...

Bicycle Radio