brian... thanks for the photos... good job haning in the Master's A Field!

brain... nice shots of me running the diesel engine at DCCX

DCCX... it was a beautiful day... it was a beautiful course
it was a demanding course and a demanding field

it was a tough day on the bike
the course did not favor my one speed power
even with gears... I only have one speed
one speed and not much stamina

maybe I need to learn to tweak my engine so that I can go faster
okay... I went faster
I went faster on my first lap... then I realized that I would not be able to maintain that pace for the whole race
I knew this... because I wanted to quit early in the first lap
cyclcross is more than being able to ride one fast lap

ah... DCCX 2009
I have a million photos... but now it is time to put my feet up and enjoy a beer

I bet that dude Jarrett from Haymarket Cycles put in the fastest lap for the day!

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