credit to WIRED for testing the tool

It shocks me that SURLY still makes the JEHTRO TULE!
because it sucks!

SURLY is a company that basis its credibility of functionality
the device SUCKS as a TOOL!
not even a good bottle opener
most definitely a crappy box wrench

the short body of the wrench does not allow it to have enough tork to loosen the bolt on wheel
and well
even if you use the method described in the article
you more than likely will not be able to tighten the rear single speed or fixed gear wheel tight enough

SURLY is a great company... this is shitty tool


Jim said...

The tool's fine. Use your foot if you need to get more leverage. Works just fine that way.

gwadzilla said...

use your foot?

I lack an opposable big toe


I own it and I know it sucks!

standing on it may allow it to work
but really
that is some "monkeying around" that I do not need to do
especially when trying to allign the rear wheel

I can deal with MONKEY NUTS (another surly product)
but this is crap

not a good opener
not a good wrench
a crappy tool

riderx said...

The wrench is fine. The bottle opener needs refinement.

Use chain tugs and you won't have to worry about monkeying around with wheel alignment or ham fisting your nutz. That's my PSA for the day.

sean said...

I like the tool. Never had an issue with it. Fits in a saddle bag and doesn't weigh too much. Fit perfectly into the dropouts of my Surly Steamroller.

Besides, I thought you removed axle nuts with your bare hands, big guy.

dicky said...

Kinda late, but like the man says, stand on it.

Align the wheel like normal, snug it up, flip the bike over, and stand on it.

That shit won't slip after you put that kinda torque on it.

I used to hate it too until someone showed me the way.

Still can't bring it in the courthouse with me.