Ellen gave a family an SUV.... it may change their lives

Ellen Degeneres gave a family in Miami an SUV...
the recipient screamed... the excitement was visible... the excitement was audible
this car give away may well have changed their life

sadly... the initial purchase of a car is not the only cost
there is fuel... insurance... and up keep
INSURANCE? that is a heap of cash!

how many bicycles could Ellen of bought with that same amount of money?
how many lives could have been changed with a bicycle give away?

the screams may not be as loud
but the impact could be equally as great
if not greater!

a rapper... I forget who... a rapper gave out 20 cars last week
oh man... do the math
a similar equation times twenty

this car versus bicycle give away is something that the world needs to consider
these people could do a greater good by giving away lots of bicycles to lots of families rather than one car to one family
even if it is just bicycles for kids in families that can not afford bicycles
every child should have a bicycle

if you give a family a car you change their life for _____ (?)
if you give a family a couple of bicycles you change their life

someone else work on that for me

so many people who take public transportation could do well to travel by bicycle instead
that could change their personal economy
the car is not the answer


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

This morning on my commute, I rode with a husband and wife on their way to work riding a tandem. They were wearing their office/work clothes... Go tandem!

Bob said...

You make a GREAT point here. Why not pass it on to Ellen or the folks who work on the show?

Here's a way to get in touch:


gwadzilla said...

comment sent to ELLEN!

thanks for the push in that direction!