everyone knows my distain for headphones on the bike..

I am not a big fan of people riding with the iPod

it seems that the people with the iPod are also the people with their bicycle light pointed at the on coming cyclists face
they can afford the technology... but they lack the common sense as to how to use it

people need to be hyper alert on the bike
people should be anticipating any and all variables
people should know when they are
approaching other people and when other people are approaching them

getting in the zone is not the same as zoning out!

in the NY Times is this iPod holder build into an arm warmer!
a cool design idea


Anonymous said...

So....those that are hearing inpaired should stay off of the bike then?

gwadzilla said...

that is a less than logical leap...

I think that the obvious would be that the hearing impaired should be hyper alert

it is said those deficient in once sense often compensate with other senses

a hearing impaired cyclist needs to spend more time looking around than other cyclists who can hear what is around them

this post could entertain or offend you
I have not read it since I wrote it


Anonymous said...

OK…by such logic one could argue that when plugging your ear holes with phones or anything (else for that matter) could possibly induce hyper-alertness among other senses?
Don’t know, but does losing one or more senses in fact improve the other remaining senses?
So….by having an ipod like device makes one hyper-alert or hearing impaired or… are they one in the same?

Just a little Devil’s Advocate…. and thought about this quite a bit. I’m not much of an ipod user but have on occasion “plugged” in while riding on the road. At first I was convinced that I was more of a danger to myself, but realized that I can’t hear much anyway with the wind jamming my hearing. Now, and by some default, I’ve become more alert when I used the ipod…..in one ear that is.

gwadzilla said...

plugging your ears would not heighten your senses

but... common sense would say to be more alert because you can not hear things and anticipate things

growing up devoid of certain senses may make one hyper alert
or at least try to over compensate for the absence of that sense

a deaf soccer player needs to watch the game because differently because they will not hear the audible signals between the opposing players

yet... they may feel footsteps in a way that we do not feel footsteps of an opponent

more than likely the people who are doing stupid things with headphones in their ears would do stupid things without headphones in their ears