Granogue is this weekend... I am going to miss out on the fun


Granogue Cyclocross event is this weekend...
shamefully I am going to miss out on the fun
my guess it is going to be a mud fest

you would not have to be Gene Dixon to predict the weather for this weekend

this year at Granogue expect things to be more like Portland than ever before
no need to drive up to New England to race cyclocross this weekend
you will get all the wet and the cold you want right here in the Mid Atlantic

Fatmarc has summoned the GODS OF CYCLOCROSS to deliver the weather to bring the challenges of cyclocross up to their highest level
spray your bike down with non-stick PAM
with a little extra on your pedals and cleats
don't forget your rain boots for the post race experience

I am not even racing and I am stressing out about the right tires to ride and what pressure to run
good thing I am not racing... I am not sure if I have the time to run out and buy a set of hip waders


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