I am no different... other than the fact that I try


the morning routine
it can be madness
getting the kids out of bed
getting the kids to get dressed
getting the kids to eat something
getting the kids out the door and to school on time

normally I assist in the push while my wife Lisa shuttles the boys
there is also some carpooling that goes on
which is nice...

this morning I took the reins and took the boys to school
this morning was different than last week when I got to the car with the boys only to find that the battery was dead on my Honda Element!
although the tank was running on empty we were out the door and headed to school
the morning rain created a little extra traffic that slowed our pace a tad

maddened by the effort to try and get the boys to school on time I did as many people do
I pulled out of the parking space with assertion
then once on the road I moved at a rational pace... not race pace... but not the speed limit
then when the light was turning yellow... just like everyone else I kept rolling through
which was good... because I would have been rear ended had I stopped
because the car behind me rolled through as well

then when approaching the old school house we parked a block and a half away
the boys already had their seat belts off and back packs and lunch boxes in hand
they had been coached to be ready to attack
and they were ready

engine stopped and I gave the audible that the boys would be getting off on "the grantman side"
which is the curb side of the car that grant was seated in

a glance back as I opened the door and SLAM!
oh shit!
a car coming down the hill tagged my door

my heart jumped
I accessed things... not really any damage
not even a scratch... the car pulled over to a vacant space up the block
I ushered the kids ahead asking Dean to take the boys to class as I handled things

I walked down the block not sure of things
then I realized the DC Law... I was in fact at fault
the law states that the parked car opening the door is responsible to make sure it is safe and clear before opening the door
or something to that effect... I have never read the law... but that is what I have been told

so... I approached this woman who was as frazzled and shaken as I was
we were both happy that there had not been any real damage
my door tagged her rear view mirror leaving nothing more than a scratch
I offered my information
she denied it

we parted ways and I ran back to get the kids into the school safely and on time

OH MAN! I am just like everyone else
just like the retired bicycle messenger who now works as a car courier who opened the door on me the day prior
just like all the cars I bitch about
it is so easy to let things slip into AUTO PILOT
we all need to take it off cruise control and pay more attention
there could have been more damage
someone could have been hurt

I just like everyone else... I need to slow down... I need to be more conscious of my actions when behind the wheel

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