I do not care to relive the moment... I do not care to bring up those emotions

here is a driver who passed me obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close while holding her horn down
she of course passed me
then ran the stop sign a few yards ahead at roughly fifty miles an hour
then got stuck in a line of cars a few yards after that

luckily she was driving a high performance machine that was designed for such obnoxious acceleration and deceleration

and yes... the phone is in her hand
was she on the phone when this happened
or did she decide to make a call when I looped back with the camera

I invited her to call the police


MB said...

Nicely done. Shame we don't have a name to go with it, though.

(I've gotten in the habit of snapping plates, myself.)

Barry said...

Nice one Joel. You should have let her know where that pic was going to be posted so she can get a look at herself being an a$$hole.

Anonymous said...

Easy enough, she looks vain enough to have her picture on facebook with her real name, there are various search engines(polar rose and one embedded in facebook) that work on images instead of words.

John Garrish said...


gwadzilla said...

yes GWADZILLA NUMBER ONE to car drivers too!