I do not have the time for the words.... yet I want to try to get something out

common sense and common courtesy....

with common sense and common courtesy we would not need laws
what are laws? just someone telling people to behave
written words of common sense and common courtesy

more of the laws are standards that pretty much should be common sense
telling people how to behave... because people do not know how to behave

what are the ten commandments?
pretty much some common sense and then a little common courtesy directed to an interpretation of an imaginary being
the imaginary being that they claim is the only imaginary one
stressing to you that all other imaginary beings are false... which makes their imaginary being true

I believe in something... I am not sure what
just because someone told me about that guy with the beard does not mean that is what I am going to believe
it is just too hard to believe that he can deliver all those presents to the kids in one night!
it just could not happen

back to my point...

in life we call out for respect
while it seems that so many are failing to grant respect to others
there is a deficiency in courtesy
there is an absence of common sense
these ideas have been abolished by a combination of ignorance and selfishness
it is hard to believe that momma did not raise so many people right'

I wonder if there was ever a time when people lived as they should
maybe people have always been selfish assholes

did your mom raise you to behave that way?
would your grandma approve of your behavior?
what about your god? would he approve of your day to day actions?

my god does not think I do enough
I try... my god wants me to try harder
I do try harder... but not for my god
but because we should all try to be better people
I am an imperfect being in an imperfect world
yet I try

common sense... common courtesy... and respect
respect for others
respect for the world around you
and of course
respect for self

what sort of mark are people leaving in the world?

so many takers and not enough givers
take... take... take
people stepping on others so they can grab the last piece of chocolate cake
even if they already had a piece

it is everywhere...
it is not just the car driver
it is also the guy on the bike
the person walking their dog
it is everywhere
it is you... it is me
we could all do better

the ripple effect of our negative actions abounds
but think about it...
there could be a ripple effect of positivity as well

again... this is in all actions
at work and at home with our families
with the stranger on the street
and giving your change to the homeless is not enough
personally... I think that action is far more selfish than altruistic (I borrowed that word from FATMARC)
in so many cases... it would help better not to help by giving money
give them a job... give them some direction...
giving the person on the corner enables their behavior
it rewards their nothingness

we can all try harder
we can not give into our default settings
we need to slow things down and make a conscious effort to control and guide our actions
our impulse reaction is so often the wrong answer

do the right thing.
you will be better for it
the world will be better for it
too many people are doing the wrong thing
they should be ashamed
their momma did not raise them that way
their grandma would not approve of their actions
and those that believe in god... well... most of them behave in a way that is not pleasing to their god

off my soap box
I think I will chill lax with a beer and some SRIBBLE NAUTS
Scrabble on Facebook is failing me
and I lack the energy to read this over and proof it
maybe I will glance at it tomorrow

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