an initial cost... but a good long term investment

THE GUARDIAN has some Winter Cycling Tips!

some people like to travel in their business suit when they ride to work
I opt to ride in riding gear
riding gear can be costly... but... over time the per use is not so grand

MEC in Canada has some good cycling gear
REI in the States has some good gear as well
and of course
support your LOCAL BIKE SHOP!
all local bike shops can order what they do not carry

a rear rack and fenders can improve a commuter's experience exponentially!
too many riders carry their lock and their bag on their handlebars!

personally I believe a lock does not need to be carried... a sensible person could buy a second lock
keep on lock locked to the post they use each day on their commute
thus not lugging the lock each way
having a second lock for the other times they need a lock when leaving home for other bicycle related adventures
as for fenders... these make a world of difference... especially for the commuter who opts to wear their business gear for their ride into the office

I really like that photo.


pbasken said...

agreed on all, but on locks, please store them at the bottom of the rack... too many folks leaving their locks at the top of the rack, blocking bikes from using the rack... our building is pretty anti-bike so they're just providing the bare legal minimum of spaces as it is...

Anonymous said...

I found the new killer app for winter cycling--Ibex Roaster Merino Boxers. My biggest fear in riding in the cold rain (like we had last week) is that water will find a way past my rain pants. Last week it did, but I didn't freeze my butt off because wool boxers still insulate even if they get wet. Come on cold rain--I am now fearless.