lil belgians or lil portland... mini juniors? no matter what you call it... it was wild!

it was a good day at DCCX in all the classes
the Lil Belgians classes were thick with talent!

it is true... the course was barrier free!
only one child issued a complaint

well... their parents said he seeks out courses with sand pits, stairs, and above minimum barriers
I was not sure if he was old enough to talk
I was also not sure if that 25 pound kid could lift his 45 pound bike

no worries... the course was challenging enough without the barriers


Brian said...

O was totally bummed to miss out on DCCX...home kicking the flu.

Marc said...

nice work!

Scott T. said...

funniest thing heard all day, Joel dealing with an aggressive scrum among 8 year olds "this isn't Portland"

gwadzilla said...

today for "share day" grant brought his medal, his race number, and a photo from the race...

I wanted him to bring a cowbell
but he told me that they are not to bring anything loud

and those DCCX cowbells are loud!