Multiple Proud Moments at the Lil Belgians at DCCX

this weekend past I had multiple proud moments at the Lil' Belgian's race at DCCX

of course I was proud that my children participated
of course I was proud of their efforts
it is not always easy to get kids to get involved in the action
just like adults... the kids feel pressure and race anxiety
there are times when the kids buckle under the pressure and opt out of the game

not on this day...
both Dean and Grant rode the course that their father had designed the day proir
both Dean and Grant joined in race that their father was coordinating
both Dean and Grant took advantage of the opportunities in front of them

the boys pre-rode the course for a good long while with a variety of friends
helmets and bikes were shared
it was figured out how kids of different ages could borrow helmets and or bikes

then there was the race!

Dean and Grant left it on the course

both Dean and Grant collapsed after completion of their races
Grant placing a strong fourth in his six and under category... of which he is five
while Dean dominated the smaller 8 year old category
immediately after the 8 year olds raced Dean went ahead and "catted up" and raced in the 8+ group

giving him a back to back race experience
other children also lined up with additional categories

it made me proud to see my boys race around this miniature cyclocross course

it made me proud to see my boys cheer each other on during the other's race

placement was not important

the Lil Belgians is one of those "everybody wins" events
before each event I boasted how each participant would receive a gold medal
a gold medal and a goodie bag
not for placement... but for participation

when the racing was over the children gathered around a DCMTB Volunteer and was given a small bag of Halloween candy and cycling medal

only one problem... we ran out of medals
not everyone had received a metal

a cluster of parents gathered around the DCMTB volunteer who was stymied by the shortage of medals situation

there was a request for the medal around my neck
I gave the honest response that I was going to give this medal to my older son who had not yet received a

I stepped away and mouthed to myself... who do they think I am? Ghandi?
in my mind I feared that my eight year old son Dean would be upset that he was not
rewarded for his efforts
I was certain that my older son Dean would be jealous that his younger brother Grant got a medal but he did not

I walked over to a fatigued Dean and gave him his medal
he draped it around his neck and gazed into the metallic relief of a cyclist crossing the line with crowds cheering on each side

some time passed and I was approached by another parent
the father of an older boy who had not received a medal

I spoke with the father about the shortage of medals and the absence of an immediate resolve
there was a request to order more and to have a medal sent

this all seemed a little over the top to me for an event that was not for profit

during this time Dean came to my side
Dean over heard the situation and pulled the medal from around his neck and offered up his m
edal to the child who had not received one
I told Dean not to bother but to keep the medal as I felt he had earned it

once again my son made me proud
I was inspired by this gesture
later I regretted shutting down his efforts
looking back I see that I should have let him give up his medal

even if l had apprehension about his reaction later that day

in the end I gathered some DCCX Cowbells and gave them to some of the kids who did not get medals

next year I will make sure we have enough medals for each participant
and also
next time my son wants to express his altruistic nature... I will not shut him down

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