resistence training...

the rear hub to the Jamis Nova and its rubbing

I tried to repack the rear hub to my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike
this was weeks ago
it seemed better... then it seems to drift back to a state of resistance
which is fine... I have grown accustom to it
rather than try to fix it again or go through the process of replacing the wheel I have accepted that resistance training is good for me

on a short hour/hour fifteen/two hour ride it is not a bad idea to try and get more bang for the buck
when the kids were younger they were good for this
muli-tasking stealth training
taking the boys out for an afternoon outing in the trailer had a wonderful side effect of that extra work out

now the boys are too big for the trailer
they have no interest in falling napping in the Burley Trailer while I ride
so I must find other ways to find my exercise
resistance training on a post work ride is one way to make this happen

the multi-use trails are not the place for a high speed work out
so... a little resistance training is just the ticket
a hub that is too tight or some rubbing brakes can make the flat feel like you are pushing it up hill both ways
if things are really tight it can be like riding head on into a hurricane

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