Wednesday is International Walk to School Day

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Wednesday is International Walk to School Day

this is Wednesday...
well... I write this Tuesday... people may read this Wednesday... which may be today
maybe today... maybe not

having a child walk to school is not an option for everyone
the reasons may vary

one thing that people can do is be more respectful of people biking and walking
especially small children
car drivers often muscle out pedestrians and cyclists
when they should be granting them safe and clear passage

and for parents...
if their driving behavior altered to something reasonable/civil just during the times that their children are in the car
well... that would be a start as well

people need to respect others
there should not need to be a law and a sign telling people to know how to behave
people should be smart enough/alert enough to realize when they are approaching high density zones like a school on their daily commutes

yet even with the laws and the signs they do not alter their behavior
uncivilized swine

tomorrow is International Walk to School Day
this should not be a day... this should be everyday

(there are times in the morning where I feel that the people on the sidewalk could do a better job of moving as a herd)

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Mark said...

Thanks for the shoutout on Walk to School Day. This morning there was a ceremony at Lamont Park. Lots of kiddies on bikes. The Bike Train left for Bancroft ES and had about 15 students in it.

If you live in DC and have kids... if you want to do something to slow down traffic near their school... if you want to make it safer for them to walk and bike... then contact Jennifer Hefferan at DDOT--she's the City's Safe Routes to School Coordinator. She's at (202) 671-2227 or find her on the DDOT website. Thanks!