wow... that was fun.

it was fun to ride
well... it was fun to pedal
ask Lucy if it was fun to ride

this thing is really fun
in the words of Will Smith... I need to get me one of these
this would be great for Sunday afternoons to the neighborhood Target or the Giant food store

my buddy Adam assembled this after dissembling a couple of bikes that he scored from alley dumps and dumpster dives

after talking... it sounds like I have pretty much what I need already
there needs to be one complete bike... an additional frame
then the box
if Adam is not up for the custom wooden box... I was thinking a cement mixer tray may work

yes... it is true
neither the dog nor I had a helmet on


KMAX said...

Pretty cool. How's the balance on a ride like that?

gwadzilla said...

rolling it balances great... it turns like a big truck


the U-Turn is slow and demands some space

it works

tough on the hills
but with gears it is workable!

I definitely am going to try and work with my friend to FRANKENBIKE one of these!

dcdouglas said...

First, my two kids and I bump into you on Capitol Hill next to Stanton Park. Now, I read that you had a chance to ride a bakefiets?

When will you embrace the world of cargo bikes (with- or without e-assistance)?

The kids and I really, really love my modified Surly Big Dummy.