accept the blur... embrace the blur...

I accept the blur
I embrace the blur
rather than fight the blur
I try to use the blur

the blur is good
I like the blur

these are some photographs from the Modest Proposal show at Comet Ping Pong
really I wanted to take more photos
but instead of hiding behind the camera I decided to experience the show rather than document the show
but of course... I could not help myself
had I not had my camera I would have certainly regretted it
in some ways I regret not taking more photos

if I could shoot portraits it could have been cool to snap a few faceshots
something more than a snap shot for facebook
alas... I wanted to dance
I wanted to see the band... I wanted to feel the band... I wanted to dance

there was not room to dance
it was tight... the space was not big... and that space was filled to the gills whatever that means
it was tough to walk around and stand in front of different people to capture the shots I captured

below is something I was going to post with these images
but the loading of the images jumbled my punctuationless style
and well... those words are not worth cleaning up
I hate cleaning up
there is not the time and I do not have the energy for cleaning up

I like the blur when shooting live performances I have come to like to shoot without the flash the usual results of the flash on my glorified point and shoot tend not to please me things get blown out I have not learned to use the flash instead I try to learn the best settings for shooting in the dark without the flash holding the camera still is one of those vital variables Neal is such an energetic front man that I feel that the blur captures him better than the way a flash would capture him still but the same goes for most live music if they were more interesting standing like statues well... then they would stand like statues there are moments when it is cool to capture the moment with the characters in the image standing like statues honestly... I would have liked to have taken more photos I was more focused on experiencing the moment than capturing the moment on camera it is not the same experiencing things from behind the camera while taking the photos I worked hard to stay still with the slow electronic shutter in some cases I got lucky and another person's flash from their digital camera worked its way into my shot early on I discovered that this moments had the potential to be the best shots not just the blur but a moment where the action is almost captured... not quite a wireless flash... a little luck so much of photography is the luck of capturing the shot oh... I hate being that guy with the digital camera worse than being taller than the people behind me I am also that guy who pulls out their digital camera which makes my viewfinder a very small and somewhat distracting MEGATRON oh... I also like shooting without the flash because I get tired of the flash of all the cameras capturing the moment again... I don't want to be that guy

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