the comedy is never ending

the comedy is never ending

this is no new conversation
I have heard all this stuff before

here it is again... license plates for bicycles
yes... license plates for bicycles... license plates for bicycles?

control the car chaos...

how about this... get cars to obey the laws
then expect pedestrians and cyclists to obey the laws
when it is more safe for a pedestrian to cross the street in the cross walk with the cross walk rather than mid-block... well... then we can talk
and as for the bicycle
obeying the law is not as important as arriving at the destination alive

cars bend the laws...
it is funny how that there is an expectation for pedestrians and cyclists to follow the letter of the law

this whole bicycle stop sign thing...
go out and watch the cars... my guess is a greater percentage of car drivers are breaking the law than cyclists

how about starting with this... pull over all the drivers with an old piece of blurry plastic placed over their rear tag...
that plastic to block the traffic camera...
then the kids with paper tags
those are the scoff laws

I can see it now... pedestrians wearing license plates
pedestrians getting tickets for crossing the street without a license
the bicycle is really closer to the pedestrian than it is to the car

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