Bicycle Skills Park in SF

this morning as I rode the long way into work on the Capital Crescent Trail I looked at the wasteland that is the land between the C&O Canal and the Potomac River around Fetcher's boathouse

I looked at that land and I thought... wow... that would be a good place to put some mountain bike terrain
there are a few parking spaces and it is bike-able for those in the city
and of course... there is Fletchers... which rents bikes and boats and sells sodas

the land between the C&O and the Potomac around Fletcher's is not a very large piece of land
but... there would be enough room for some twists and some turns
there are enough logs and some solid rock obstacles
as well as some man made bridges/boardwalks to traverse some of the lower more swampy pieces of land

with the revision to the law that National Parks that allows land managers to decide if mountain biking is permitted... well... this seems like a great location to develop for mountain biking in Washington DC

who is going to make this happen?
Scott Scudamore?
anyone... anyone?
anyone... anyone...


riderx said...

Sounds like a cool idea, but if you want to make it happen you need to step up to the plate and take the lead. That's how these things get done. I guarantee people in MORE will help support your efforts, but current volunteers have their plates full.

After Jeff Peel rode the Chambersburg pump track he said "DC needs one of these". You 2 could tag team the project like Batman and Robin.

So, are you ready to step up to the plate? Do it for the children...

gwadzilla said...

I am already over my head...

my plate is full

I hardly get to ride with all the responsibilities of adult life

work is a burden that is growing
and well
my kids are growing as well