a few more shots of me racing the 2009 Tacchino Ciclocross

here it is a beautiful Sunday...
like a fool I am in front of the computer Blogging and playing Scrabble on FACEBOOK
while I should be riding... playing with my kids... or raking the leaves and hay that in the backyard
something... it is a beautiful day and just the same old computer

to my credit
the boys are playing with friends and we played together all day yesterday

I filled the five lawn and leaf bags and hardly made a dent in the wet and moldy hay and leaves that coat the back deck which is our back yard
as for riding... that may happen... that may not happen today
need to see how we are going to approach the afternoon birthday party
each weekend there is a kid's birthday party... or so it seems

there need to be goals or there is no progress
I need to set some goals for life
work life... parenting life... and play life
right now... my life lacks structure and ambition
just going through the motions
showing up and getting paid for attendance

yesterday was the last soccer game of the season for the kids
need to try and figure out how the winter will be spent
Dean is signed up for basketball... a sport that is very new to him
need to figure out other options like ice skating, climbing walls, and skiing
Dean's strengths may lend themselves more to individual sports than team sports

while I am trying to find a spot for Grant and his team to play some indoor soccer
as the coach of his team I have a responsibility not just to him... but to the other developing players
I will also try to tag Dean and some of his soccer team mates along on this plan for informal practices and informal games
Dean and his team could use a little more focus

as for me... I a registered for some races.. two more cyclocross races
it would be wise for me to prepare for these races
other people are trying to peak with their cyclcross season
I am hammering and hanging on

and well... that is not working so well right now
getting pushed further back in the pack
if it were not so wet I would be able to go mountain biking... hard rides on the mountain bike are more my style than hard rides on the road
road biking is not my style

hammer hard and hang on is no way to attack a race
dying with a few laps to go just has me racing backwards

enough on this
I really just wanted some words to accompany the images from the 2009 Tacchino Ciclocross race from last Sunday

one more turn in SCRABBLE then out from in front of the computer
if nothing else... off to the store to get some more bags for the leaves and hay

some more photos of me and my humble efforts at Tacchino Cicclocross (Italian for Turkey Cyclocross)
by Linda on her Picassa Page

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