in Philly.... readers send in some bike law related comments

Readers of The Philly Daily News sent in some comments on the notion of stiffer bicycle laws and the enforcement of bicycle laws

one bicycle accident that involves a fatality and people want to put locks on the bicycles
is the statistic that there is a car related fatality ever 14 minutes?
lets control the car chaos

the bicycle has a hard time fitting in with the madness created by the chaos of the car culture
there is this notion of bikes stopping at stop signs...
well... where i live in Washington DC the cars are not stopping at the stop sign
so it seems funny to point the finger at the bicyclist

irresponsible behavior.
people need to draw in the reins
cyclists and car drivers

but first the car
it is not fair to give a pedestrian a ticket for jaywalking until it is safe for them to cross in the cross walk
similiar... until the laws protect the bicycle... the laws do not apply to the cyclist

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