it is time... time to create a little less waste

a few things for our society to consider...

-no more phone books

or at least make them "by request"
who still uses the yellow pages?
we have a yellow pages book on our front stoop... it is more than likely soaked from last night thunderstorm

-actual silverware
any restaurant that has a sit down situation (beyond McDonald's... although McDonald's around the world does have metal silverware) should have actual silverware instead of throw away silverware and throw away plates
sure some will get stolen
but I bet the over time cost and the decreased waste would pay itself back in no time
okay... washing is new cost....
but I still think that we can get away from some of our waste production

-soy sauce... duck sauce... mustard sauce
Chinese deliver is so good about loading us up with this stuff
so much of it goes unused
there must be a device that takes the sauce out of the pouch and puts it in a container
then we would not have to throw this stuff away
and at our next order... we can just ask that they do not give us any more sauces!

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