oral history... someone needs to get the story of the messenger

the messenger industry seems to be on its last leg
it has gone beyond the fax machine
it has even gone beyond the computer and its electronic documents in PDF form
this may also be an issue of economy
maybe people are not throwing around money from billable hours like they once were

there are some old school guys out there
there are some guys out there who seem like they have been out there since the beginning of time
I start to wonder if the "lifers" will be able to make enough money for it to be worth it
this industry may go the way of the dinosaur

the word on the street is that there is not as much money to be made as there once was
minimums and guarantees still exist along with in house gigs
but from what I am told the high dollar commission gig is not what it once was
although I do see a few guys out there still hustling

who has the camera and the microphone
there is definitely a story to be told


Big Bikes said...

Maybe messengers could run on the google model — deliver packages for free and rent ad-space on their bags. Or just where logo-covered NASCAR suits and stand around in the squares of financial districts across the land.


gwadzilla said...

the industry has changed over the years...

for a short while I think that it worked like PRICE LINE
where the workers bid on work

I would have just underbid everyone...

better to be working for cheap than not working

the advertising is something that the CARGO BIKES have considered

not sure of the other bodies

but it makes sense

if they pay someone to stand on the corner with a sign
why not pay someone to travel the city

an ad on the parked bike outside the building...

that could be a good roving bill board as well


this stuff could work!

1213 said...

Not a bad idea gwadz. I may actually run with the idea a little bit.

If I did end up doing it, want to take photos for it.

- elliott

Anonymous said...

i remember being a courier before the first gulf war. security was lax, the money was everywhere and the quality of the messengers as a whole was so high. i miss those days. if technology wouldn't have come along and ruined it, i'd still be there hanging with leo at dupont after work counting runs and drinking Guinness. laughing at the office folk as they passed through our domain.
it kills me that its all gone now. just a shadow of its former self.
glad i was able to see it/him at its/his height. rip

Anonymous said...


how cool is this?!

Anonymous said...

same day
old school action courier at tour dupont

gwadzilla said...

I would love to be a contributing member of that documentary project