SIDI has a BLOG: 9 Driving Habits that Annoy Cyclists

SIDI has a blog
on that blog they have a post on
9 Driving Habits that Annoy Cyclists the Most

they used imagry to illustrate various points
this image was used to try to understand why car drivers feel the need to tailgate cyclists

I would do more centuries if she were leading the paceline!


Yokota Fritz said...

Doesn't that website look suspiciously spammy to you?

gwadzilla said...


especially since their page is so SLICK


it was sent to me in a random email

I was suspicious of it

hope it is not eating my home computer

Sidi Ergo said...

Arr.. promise we are not eating your home computer (but i bet it is really tasty.)

We wanted to blog about our fav shoes and we noticed that we could buy sidiergo.com!

We will put an about page up in the next couple of days so there is no confusion.

Yokota, sorry you found it spammy... but its very new so forgive us :)

Anyway thanks for the mention qwadzilla, i hope we can speak again soon.