a story about a man and a bicycle in Lima Peru

a story about by some guy who moved to Peru and bought a used bike


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Ha, was just there a couple weeks back. Peruvian's (well, those in Lima) drive with only two "controls": the horn and the gas pedal. One might be tempted to label their style as "crazy" except that they seem to pull it all off with aplomb...didn't see any accidents the time I was there.

Lima has to be one of the world's most pedestrian-unfriendly cities. And the car culture has left a noticeable nasty residue in the air that manifested itself to me daily in the form of a headache and general sluggish feeling not unlike a hangover. That said, I enjoyed my time in Peru.

gwadzilla said...

the coastal highway is lined with what appear to be little dog houses...

these are actually shrines to those that died trying to cross the street

well... the multi-lane highways

the people try to time the cars as they cross from the shanty villages to the ocean

their timing is not so good