sunday... sunday... sunday


sunday is race day

through the course of the fall there are cyclocross races all over the Mid-Atlantic on nearly eve
ry given sunday
I am not racing
no... I am not racing
I do not race every sunday

my cyclocross season seemed to have lost its steam
as charlie squats in the bush charlie gets stronger
as my cyclocross season meanders on I get weaker

a combination of life, rain, and lost ambition have had me off the bike

seven ugly unnecessary pounds are back on the body due to lack of riding and an excess of eating


so... I started the cyclocross season with a strong base
rather than building on that base I let that base dwindle

a hunger for strong finishes is an ambition that got watered down with the rain
usually I ride through the rain
this season the rain had me cave into my excuses

instead of going for a post work rides in the rain and the cold I let quasi-excuses appear to be real
thoughts like "I am battling a cold... it would be better to stay healthy than to risk getting sick"
or the excuse that works once not more than once... "days off the bike are as important as days on the bike"
then rational excuses like... "I need to pick the kids up from school or my wife Lisa wants to go to Yoga"

these excuses and more have contributed to my fitness tapering off

no matter the reasons... the results are the same
an absence of riding equals an absence of fitness

there a many more cyclocross races to choose from before the season ends
I am registered for two of them

best I tighten up the bike and the body for these days on the bike
or not

photos of the Mater 3/4 at the 2009 Tacchino Ciclocross snagged from Metro Joe's flickr page

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