walking up to Target to get lawn and leaf bags.. snapped these shots

the other day was a beautiful sunday... a beautiful rainless sunday that also happened to be a cyclocrossless sunday for me
on this beautiful sunday I started the day with no agenda
but knew that there were many things that I wanted to do
raking leaves was not one of these things

on this beautiful sunday flexing its last burst of Indian Summer I was stuck in the back yard racking leaves
the last leaf may not have fallen but there are plenty of leaves to rake
plenty of leaves upon six bales of wet hay left over from our Halloween party

in not time at all I filled six brown paper lawn and leaf bags
the rhythm was good... I needed to keep the momentum
so I grabbed the dog and a couple of bucks and hoofed it to Mount Pleasant Street to go to Phieffer's Hardware
a shout over the fence and I was getting bags for two neighbors who were also devoting this amazing day to leaf clean up
a common theme on this wonderful sunday after a long week of rain

up the hill with the dog I moved at a good pace thinking that I could finish the afternoon tasks and still get on the bike before the sun sets

at Lamont Park I watched some neighbor's boys on skateboards
had the camera so I snapped some shots then crossed over to Pheiffer's
as I stepped away my friend joked that Pheiffer's may not have lawn and leaf bags
maybe he did not joke... maybe he just said I hope that they have them

ah... no need to relive this emotion
so I will not color the facts

Pheiffer's does not have shovels for snow in the winter... Pheiffer's does not have charcoal for grilling in the summer.... Pheiffer's may or may not have the random screw I need... it is unlikely that they have the air conditioner filter in the size I need... so it only goes to figure that they did not have what I needed on this day... they seldom have what I need

so many times I have left Pheiffer's Hardware cussing... wishing I had just gone straight to Home Depot or in this case Target
it is not cost effective
it is just a roll of the dice
I do not always have the time to gamble
here I lost
I am not sure if I will be enough of a sucker to bet on Pheiffer's Hardware again

so... I debated in my head what do to
head home or keep
no truckin to 14th Street?

my hesitation was primarily the dog
leaving the dog on the sidewalk in such a busy part of town
the list of things that could go on is too long to mention

group house hippy liberates the dog or basement pitt fight promoter wants to train his dog
okay... that is a little balloon boy story blown out of proportion
but there are things that could go wrong as simple as the dog squirting out of the collar and trying to find me

I marched on and tried to figure how I would resolve this
the notion of trying to pass Brutus as as seeing eye dog was fleeting
thinking someone could keep one eye on him was a more rational hope
the notion of turning back without going into Target

with the camera in hand I did my camera thing
looking for and trying to capture any and all things bike that pass in front of me

it was a beautiful day... people were out.. which of course meant that people were out on their bikes

any time I take a photo I risk offending someone
but if I do not take the photo I do not get the shot
not all shots are worth taking
but I shoot them anyway
I take the shots and take the risk

there is no bicycle in the shot with the man with the beard
yet I thought when I saw it that it was worth taking
with the intention and hope that it would be worth sharing
I thought it was worthy of sharing

as for the girl and the bike... that shot was on the move
not the shot I saw when I was snapping it
yet I post it anyway

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Elise Walker said...

You're right. I often miss a shot because I'm thinking, what if they come right up at me and grab my camera? But if you don't risk it, you don't get the shot... Nice advice.