ah... that Holiday Week...

in the Washington Post
an article about the vacant halls and empty streets during the Holiday Week
in the Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Thelma pointed me to your racist site. She told me about you mentioning us as "people of color", picture. Great "white" site! Too bad you do let others "freely" see comments. This way you can contain your site to your cronies.

Harold from Mtp

gwadzilla said...


no good comes from my getting into these conversations
and well... I posted some of Thelma in the- DC comments... but then decided to cut her off

dig through the site
if if does not entertain you or amuse you... well... you are free to move on

I have offered the same option to the commenter who calls themselves "Thelma in the- DC"

dig around...

who knows
there maybe something that appeals to your interests
if not
then I guess my Internet hobby is not for you

Happy New Year
-zilla from MtP

gwadzilla said...


I will admit that I was hesitant about posting this Washington Post article

I thought that our mutual friend would jump on me for something racially motivated

I posted the article because I see myself in that article
and no... not because I want to be black like Thelma seems to think

Bill said...

When something like this comes up at work, we have a saying that goes something like "I don't have enough room in my brain for this." I believe this is the type of situation that mantra is meant for. It sucks. It hurts that people want to make you into something you are not, but such is the way of the internets. Don't engage and they will leave.

The site is great. It has always been and hasn't changed. Don't let the haters make you think differently.

Anonymous said...


I guess my question is, did you call black people, "people of color?", If you did, I'd say appologize and move on. Thelma is a friend, but a touch sensitive. I looked through your site and I say if this is racist, its racist lite. Bill, whoever you are, where ever you work, its must not be anywhere buy a garage, cause racism is a deep issue and can not be ignored. But peace to you too, white-boy.

Harold from Mtp

gwadzilla said...


Happy New Year!

I am not sure how this started...
does Thelma ride a bike? Did I take her photo? Did I meet her on the street with my camera? I do not know

if I were not married for ten years and with my wife Lisa exclusively for what is now 14 years I would say she sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend

I am not positive but there was a comment on my page that an image was "racist"
the comment was signed "bill"
as if it were the person in the image.. then other similar attacks came... then there was the tag "thelma in the- dc"...

I am not sure...she may have been a web heckler previous to this session during this holiday season

I removed that photograph and expected to approach the person in the image and tell them I was sorry and would not post their photo


but... then the other attacks came which had me thinking that this person commenting was not the person in the photograph
so I put the photo back up... but only after I had put up an apology


the chronology may be skewed because things get jumbled on the page after the replacement of the image

Thelma in the- DC has some interesting ideas in her attacks but I do not have the time and energy to entertain all of her comments... I have stuff that needs to be done
and I have found that these conversations are never productive

the phrase "people of color"
came after her attacks and was in reference to some of my friends who are black that I had asked if they thought my site and/or that image is at all racist

none of these people felt that my site or that image were in any way racist

I am white
I am male
my perspective is going to be that of a white male

I can only apologize for my site being misinterpreted... which I will do

I am sorry if my site offends people
that is not my objective
my aim is to entertain and inspire
to get people on their bikes and for people to pursue their passions

I think we have spent enough time on this topic

Happy New Year
Peace in 2010

-zilla in MtP

not sure if this clears anything up
hit me on email if you want to continue the conversation

email accessible from the page

Bill said...


My comment was about trolls not race. Trolls are not a serious subject. They should be ignored. Racism is serious, no doubt about it.
Right or wrong, the below link is a good overview of how many people (of all races) interpret the phrase "people of color." I believe it originated with Dr. King. Maybe you can have Thelma read it: