The Capital Crescent Trail... then not now

photos of trains at various spots on what is now the Capital Crescent Trail

I remember when that trail was train tracks
in grade school I flattened many a penny under the wheels of the passing train


ESLR said...

Ah the good old days! I remember seeing this slow moving train come thru bethesda a few times back in the 70's. I think that is the same that followed the capitol cressent trail no? thanks for posting this joel.

hope all is well

marry xmas to all


gwadzilla said...

that train slowed down to a crawl... slow enough that a young grade schooler could climb aboard for a ride

too bad it did not always slow down where I needed to get off!

it is scary to think that I was my son Dean's age when I was doing this sort of "poor decision" sort of thing

gwadzilla said...

Dill Duval's dad took those photos!