Chris Eatough of Bike Arlington on Gam Jams

Chris Eatough of Bike Arlington on Gam Jams


and Chris... sorry about not being more polite on the Capital Crescent Trail the other day
I thought that was you when you said hello
but I was lost in a grumpy thought


Anonymous said...

Typical old white-man, that think he cool. No balls to post my comments and look like a fool. Leave the "people of color" alone. You ain't cool, never was, even 30 years ago! Think your in charge of patroling DC, think again. Use that energy on your smarter-than-you wife. DC is the chocolate-city boy, step-off.

Thelma in the- DC

gwadzilla said...

Thelma in the- DC

I am trying to ingest your comments

not trying to get into a shouting match

it is hard for me to decipher what you are saying

so much of your anger and hatred seems to be directed at something other than me

cool is a waste of energy
I am not trying to be cool

it seems that my blog makes you angry
all you have to do is look away

happy new year to you
I believe that many people get great joy from what I do here

if it pisses you off
I think that is on you
not on me

peace to you today and in 2010
and beyond


Anonymous said...

Shake the haters off. Can't help the clucks. Chickens always be scratchin', hatchin' bull,
cuz they know they ain't cool.

Jealous cuz no one reads their blogs, best go pawn your computer Thelma, cuz your rhymes are for three legged dogs... LOLZ.