enjoying the sledding at Klingle Mansion

helmets.... yes I wear a helmet when sledding on the bunny hill
why? because I want my kids to wear helmets when they sled
are they at risk? well... maybe not today on this hill
but there will be a future of sledding
sledding that will go on without my supervision
there will be jumps and there will be crashes
and well... I want them in the habit of wearing helmets

it is cold... it makes sense to have something on your head
why not have it be a helmet?


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Dadryan said...

Helmets are good man. I know we grew up without them, but I swear it's a different world today. It's not the big nasty crash that's going to turn you into a vegetable, it's the low speed, slip, and head knock that will do it. That's why these days I don't even ride the 5 block beer/milk run without throwing on the helmet.

Lead by example. Your grandchildren will thank you for it! :)