Photo Removed... apology to anyone who does not wish to have their photo taken or displayed on the page

Good Morning!

to all that celebrate Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
to all that don't... GOOD DAY TO YOU!

in my efforts with the camera I take stranger's photographs
the response is mixed... usually ranks highest for ambivalent - why is someone taking my photo?
then a positive response - Hey! I am going to be on GWADZILLA! or A Bicycle Blog! Cool!
and finally a small percentage
wishes not to be documented
those that say or give the message - Don't take my picture. Don't post my photograph.

to those who I have offended in my efforts... I apologize

my notion that "everyone wants a photo of themselves, but no one wants their picture taken" is not entirely true
because there are those that do not want their picture taken and then also do not wish to have a photo of themselves... or at least a photo of themselves posted online

Happy Day!
I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season!

Rest Relax and Enjoy!
Love and Luck to You and Yours!
Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Always trying to justify your ways. Sorry to everyone and anyone. Whatever, dude. Stop making black people your slaves. We do not like you so take us off your site. You are a hater fake skin-head.

gwadzilla said...

Anonymous... I post your comments for the amusement of my readers

you stand alone in your accusations

people of color do not agree with your statements and your attacks

start your own blog... I am sure that it will gather some laughs

Anonymous said...

Just so you get it right, I am an African American WOMAN. I do not like how you represent black people or how you ride your high moral ground. You are a jerk on the road and will meet the person that takes care of you. You seem to be especially agressive to women, which means you spend more time on your bike than or your wife. Thelma, in-the DC.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed, "people of color?", WTF? You are a total jerk. Obviously, not too much education. I bet your wife is the bread winner and at the least more educated? You just ride and bully. Good example for kids you post on your site. FAKE HATER.

Thelma, in-the DC

Anonymous said...

WTF??? And this is the best line "Obviously, not too much education". Great comment...if she was self-reflecting.

Ignore the haters gwadzilla. Love your work - keep it up!!