*with the exception of the SANTA CLAUS
that being... if you are wearing a Santa Hat... you do not need a helmet
Grant was worried about crashing... which is a logical worry given the slush and snow
I coached them to be careful
while also reminding them that not all crashes on the bike involve a smack to the head
no one crashed... we all took it easy

the boys... you do this for me... and I will allow this for you

I dragged the boys out with the bike
trying to capture a shot for the family holiday card
no dice rock slice
I missed the shot
got some stuff... but not what I was seeking

the boys rode their bikes a second round before I allowed them to spend a large chunk of the afternoon playing Wii
this was all fine... we had a decent morning
and well... who am I to say that they can not play on the computer
I totally get video games

the boys were good sports... this was actually the second attempt of the day
it was tough to choreograph

wanted both boys in the shot
never got that perfect picture
tough lighting
and of course... tough to get both the boys in the right position with the appropriate facial expression

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