this image has nothing to do with the thoughts in my head...

at B-CC High School in the 80's there was a really cool hallway that was lined with lockers
then above the lockers and on the would be blank walls there were these ROCK AND ROLL MURALS
pro style images of music gods of our times
I have blurred memories of Bowie and Townsend as some of these larger than life images

some of these images were painted by a graduate of B-CC
that person being Robert Elwell
I knew him because he worked the arcade that was on the backside of Jerry's Sub Shop
back when Jerry's had good subs and good pizza

Robert Elwell was the guy who watched the machines and dished out the quarters
I recall being really impressed with his illustrations

Robert Elwell would feed me quarters to play certain games
I had some Tommy-like skills on Joust and Bizerk
my Defender game was just your basic standard
while I had a history of high scores on Donkey Kong and Space Invaders

tonight while out for drinks at a bar that I was saddened to hear is called THE FOUR FIELDS
while all the while I was drinking at the FOUR Ps or Ireland's Four Provinces

at the end of the night I was playing the "name game"with a friend from an era before me
the name Robert Elwell came to mind
it saddened me to hear that he died on the bicycle in 1989 in New York City
such an artist
life cut short

robert elwell.
sorry to hear that you are no longer with this world
sorry to hear that you were not able to finish what you started

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gwadzilla said...

C Building... which of course were attached to C STEPS

C Steps was where the students hung out and smoked

there was also a larger than life Jimi Hendrix