this whole lyme disease thing goes way beyond what I had thought...

this fall my older son Dean got Lyme disease
I blogged about Dean and Lyme here

since the diagnosis and the antibiotics everything has been great
well... Dean has a pretty bad cold since the antibiotics were finished
guess it shocks the body dropping off like that

hopefully we were lucky and caught it early
since we found out about Dean we have also found out about a long list of our friend's kids who have also contracted Lyme Disease
some with lesser symptoms
some with far more dramatic and serious symptoms and then treatment

Lyme Disease


PEP said...

Gwadzilla--Hadn't seen the earlier item on Dean, thanks for posting this one to send me there. Your words describe my own feelings when our boy suffered pneumonia: uncertainty, fear, dread, then following diagnosis and treatment: relief and gratitude. Our situation happened over just a couple days, so your unpleasantness lasted much longer.

Still riding some here, trying to get a picture of the street cleaners that clear the bike paths from time to time. Hadn't seen that before...

PEP in Vienna

gwadzilla said...

PEP in Vienna...

you are scheduled for the Eaton Tree Sale this weekend...

have fun

should be wintry!

all good here

I thought of you guys yesterday when I saw Pearl... I wondered how Nora and Reilly were adjusting

Anonymous said...

I've left your rants for a while and I see you are as dangerous as ever. I think your kids' biggest risk is your actions on the streets, not lyme.

gwadzilla said...

anonymous is strange.