another death to be remembered from 2009... Dr. Julie Giles

last week lisa took our black dog brutus to the vet
that evening when lisa was briefing me on the topics of the day I got this information... Dr Julie Giles died
it was not recent... but it was the first we had heard

the death was in february
I will admit... my contact with Dr Giles had declined
our contact declined along with the decline in her health
from what I read Dr. Giles died of complications of MS

the electronic guestbook is touching... which makes sense... as Dr Julie Giles connected with so many people
she was more than our vet
she was our friend


image snagged from here where there was a brief obit


Cynthia Giles said...

Thank you for remembering my little sister. I think of her every day. We were so worried about her not living close to family when she was diagnosed with MS. It has helped to learn that her clients loved her as we did.

gwadzilla said...


I am sorry for you loss

Julie was a special person