Elvis is at the National Portrait Gallery (Ammended)

there is an Elvis Exhibit at The National Portrait Gallery here in Washington DC

a friend of mine Diana Quinn painted this Elvis piece that is not appearing in this show
that image is displayed here... not there

it impressed me to see that a silk screen that my inlaws have is displayed in this show

very cool!

National Portrait Gallery

I am not sure if I agree... but what do I know but I do recall... Public Enemy claimed in Fight the Power... "Elvis was a hero to some..."


Anonymous said...

That image in not in the NPG "Echoes of Elvis" show.

Warren Perry
Curator, "Echoes of Elvis"

gwadzilla said...


I made a correct... there was some funny miscommunication with my friend Diana when we were talking about this exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery

my bad
thanks for the correction
and the laugh!

Happy New Year

TrendyMonkey said...

OOO but that painting SHOULD be in the show!!!!

Anonymous said...

That painting definitely should be in the exhibit!