the end of a relaxing weekend

I just watched a youtube clip of Walter Cronkite reporting the Death of Martin Luther King

now I am watching Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech

well... listening to the speech as I blog and as I bark orders to the kids to behave as they argue over the Wii Super Mario Game
the energy level is high
I may need to say something... say something and shut the door
they need some guidance but they also need to learn to sort it out

I do not need to hear it... excuse me


words shared... words ignored
doors closed and video started again

next I think I may sit back and relax
the song Bob Marley WAR is echoing in the back of my head
I think I need to hear this song

tonight I will play these Martin Luther King videos on the computer for my two boys
we will listen to the words and
we will talk about Martin Luther King...

the boys know about Abraham Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial
they know about Martin Luther King and his I Have A Dream speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

they know that these are significant people in this country's and the world's history

it is good to discuss these things again
these ideas need to be respected and revisited

the history of the world has some ugliness
there is some beauty... but there is also some ugliness

the three day weekend is coming to a close
it was a mellow weekend
well... not so mellow but it flowed mellow enough
the kids got to their basketball games and the birthday parties

the family got to go ice skating

mom and dad got to go on a date while the boys went for a sleep over at a friend's
that was unplanned... it just happened
we went over and checked out ROOM ELEVEN in Columbia Heights

fun little space

then with the boys away at a different house Lisa and I watched a movie

Slumdog Millionaire
I had seen it... Lisa had not... I had wanted Lisa to see it so I watched it again

it was a mellow night
an early dinner and an early movie had us in bed at a rational time
only to wake to a quiet house

dinner is ready
I cooked up one of the few recipes I have in my quiver

I think I will eat while the kids finish up their final minutes of Wii

Golden Curry!

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