greeting cards with seeds in them... does this work?

I have seen business cards and greeting cards with embedded seeds
I have seen the cards with this seed filled paper
but I have yet to see if the cards do in fact grow plants

if so...
it would be awesome to see more people move to this
a card that could mean something after the holidays are over
I would love to send out cards with embedded black eyed susan seeds... if I knew that they would grow

business cards and greeting cards with embedded seeds

this goes along with a daydream I have about DC doing an advanced composting system where they started to build enough fertile soil to make this green city as green as it could be

all over the city there are swaths of land that are browned out and eroded
foot paths or cars pulling over have packed the earth that nothing can grow
while other areas are low lying and flood frequently enough to prevent anything successfully springing to life

there are areas between the sidewalk and the curb that should either be brought to life or bricked out
if the fight can not be won... give up the fight and expend that energy elsewhere
not every inch of earth can sustain life
that is why the astro turf playing fields that are popping up around the city are so great
astro turf playing fields and astro turf dog parks
awesome... this is sustainability
and although it may be organic like earth and grass
it is more usable than the effort to fight to plant seed and grow grass each year

in some areas there are small piece of land that are heavily eroded
these ditches could be filled with some sort of recycle-ables
maybe filled with chopped up christmas trees and then covered with this full of live furtile soil from the hypothetical DC Composting facility
then on top of that irrigation gardens along with some logical barriers to slow the flooding waters feeding into Rock Creek on any rain of any volume

if every neighborhood had a massive clean up day followed up by a massive planting day
well... this done with the imaginary earth that has been composted by the city
well... this would make DC a more beautiful city than it already is... by making this already green city GREENER!

sorry... I took a walk to Adams Morgan for lunch today and then took a hike with the dog in the woods of Rock Creek Park
on these walks I got to see the city in its most barren state
the leaf-less dead of winter
with no vegetation the unexposed areas are even than much more obvious in need

so many areas would do well to be clean up and then filled up
irrigation gardens
slow the run off with irrigation gardens
small little fields with tiger lilies or daffodils
heck... I would love to see a section of land with a cluster of that flower that the Monarch Butterfly loves

who do we talk to make all this happen?
DC would be a more civil city if it were a more beautiful city

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Sylvia said...

I have grown the seeds from a card I got in the mail! I grew some pretty wildflowers that way. The card even included the name of the flowers, but I couldn't tell which was which.